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P A I N T E R – W A T E R C O L O R I S T – D I G I T A L A R T I S T – A R C H I T E C T

V I A LUCCHESE 24 , PESCIA ( P T ) , 5 1 0 1 7 , TOSCANA, I TAL I A








Daniele Ballerini is an international artist and architect born in Florence, Italy in May

1951. In 1954 his family moved to Venezuela, where they had maintained ties since 1930.

Most of his early education was at the Italian School of Caracas, except for one year in Paris

where he went to kindergarten, and fourth and fifth grade in Florence. During his childhood

he crossed the Atlantic 16 times by ship, returning from Venezuela each year to spend his

summers in Tuscany. In 1969, he enrolled at the University of Florence, and graduated on

December 17, 1975 as a doctor of architecture. After graduating, he returned to Venezuela,

where, over the next 25 years he developed a successful career as an architect. Less than a

month after his return to Venezuela, he was working for one of the largest and most

prestigious architectural firms in the country: Gomez y Legorburu Arquitectos. Seven years later

he opened his own firm in partnership with a schoolmate from University: Francisco


With the social and economic crisis in Venezuela deepening, and at the urging of

clients in Europe, he took the decision in 2002 to return to his birthplace, Florence to

“study Giotto” as he says. On his return to Florence, began to dedicate himself (almost fulltime)

to his first love: art and painting, working under the tutelage of two well-known local

artists. In addition to developing his art, he worked as a freelance consultant in architecture

and interior design in Florence and the USA until 2007, when he decided to move to Miami

Beach, Florida. He spent five years in Miami Beach until he was once again drawn back to

Tuscany. Since 2012, he was dividing his time between the USA and Pescia, Tuscany,

where he devotes himself to creating art using various tools and media, and to consulting in

art, architecture and interior design.

From 2021 he lives in Barcelona, Spain

His roots in France, Germany, Italy and Venezuela, and a life spent travelling for

work and for pleasure throughout Europe, South, and North America has made

communication in different languages with people from different cultures a natural way of

living and being for Daniele. He speaks four languages, one might say four “cultures,”

fluently. He switches effortlessly between Spanish, Italian, English and French, and is

equally at home in Europe or the Americas. His fluency in various languages (technical and

otherwise) has been a great asset in his career as an architect and artist, allowing him to

move fluidly between and among these different cultures. In both architecture and art,

Daniele has the capacity to “see,” to understand, and to interpret his world from a broad

multi-cultural perspective, always with Tuscan roots.










Artist, Architect, Graphic Design & Gallery Curator


2007 to the present: ARTIST & ARCHITECT

Miami Beach, Florida, USA, Pescia, Tuscany, Italy and Barcelona, Spain

- Freelance art and design work.

- Graphic Design for OSK Design Partners, Architects and Planners, Collingswood, Philadelphia, USA.

- From 2012 to 2015: Head Curator of the Cardinali Gallery of the Società Dante Alighieri in Coral Gables, Florida,


- Architectural rendering projects

- Commissioned art for clients in Europe and the USA


2002 to 2007: ARTIST & ARCHITECT

Florence, Tuscany, Italy

n Freelance work in drawing and painting under the tutelage of Professor Simona Dolci and the watercolorist Roberto Malfatti

n Project manager & site director: restoration of a 15th century "Fattoria" (farmhouse/villa) in the Chianti region of Tuscany


1982 to 2002: ARCHITECT & ARTIST

Caracas, Venezuela

President & Director: Ballerini & Villarubia Arquitectos

n Architect: designed & built private homes, residential and office buildings, & schools

n Project manager & site director: remodeling projects for private homes, residential and office buildings, & schools

n Designer & site director: interior architecture for corporate offices including (among others): Microsoft, Makita,

Instituto Italiano de Comercio Exterior (The Institute of Italian Commerce abroad), Alitalia, United Colors of

Benetton, Atlas Copco.

n Freelance artist working in oil and acrylic


1975 to 1982: ARCHITECT

Caracas, Venezuela

Associate Architect: Gomez & Legorburu Arquitectos

n Designed and directed construction in projects including industrial, office, commercial and residential buildings,

hospitals and metro stations.




1978 Universidad Central de Venezuela

Revalidation of Italian architectural studies


1975 Universita degli Studi di Firenze, Italia

Doctor in Architecture



Winning project for the construction of the new Italian school of Caracas,

Venezuela (1,500 students)



Spanish and Italian (bilingual native speaker of both languages)

English (fluent/native speaker level)

Conversational French

Basic German



Historian, cook & "story teller"

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